Legal Changes 2017; Dates To Look Out For.

The law is forever being changed and amended so it often helps to know what’s likely to happen in the year ahead so as a business you can make plans and contingencies. Here are a few “red letter dates” for your diary.

In March, the big thing is the triggering of Article 50 triggering “Brexit,” once this happens we will enter uncertain times so if you’ve not done so already now’s the time to consider the possible effects on your business.

1st April will bring business rates revaluation in England, Wales and Scotland, along with a new appeals procedure. If you think you may be affected, now’s the time to contact your legal advisors.

April will also see a complete overhaul of the current rules regarding insolvency  which will serve to update and modernise those from 1986.

From April, for anyone buying a new car, only zero emission cars will be exempt from road tax; all other vehicles will be charged higher tax prices in the first year of registration based on their CO2 emissions and then, a flat rate of £140 will be charged on most cars after the first year, unless they costing more than £40,000, these will be subject to a higher rate.

Going further forward during spring, we can expect new rules to be introduced to make individual directors personally liability for nuisance calls fines as a result of “direct marketing calls”.

In June, mobile phone roaming charges are likely to be abolished according to plans announced by the European Commission. Mobile users will then pay the same prices when travelling in the EU as they do at home.

Also new money laundering rules should come into force and will apply to mostly financial institutions, but SME’s can expect changes to the “persons with significant control (PSC)” register regime for company owners.

Autumn will bring the introduction of the Small Business Commissioner scheme which will, amongst other things, support small businesses in resolving most payment disputes with larger businesses. The scheme will also offer general advice and information to SME’s on dispute resolution and basic principles of contract law.

As always, if you want to discuss any of these legal issues, give us a call.

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