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Archive: 07/03/2017

7 March 2017 Are you GDPR ready?
Although the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25 May 2018, businesses should really look at their processes and procedures now, because the GDPR will create a major shift in how all organisations handle personal data.
7 March 2017 To buy or not to buy?
Thinking of buying a business? There may be more to consider nowadays than you might think; due diligence is vital when it comes to deciding whether or not to go ahead with an acquisition, it helps a the potential buyer to decide if the price is right or fair, or if there is any specific risk that can be identified which can be covered by specific indemnity clauses in the sale and purchase agreement and even whether to proceed or not, as previously stated.
So the New Year is a few months old and you’ve decided to start up on your own, good for you! Whatever you decide you want to do, though there are certain things you should never ignore or overlook if you want to succeed.
7 March 2017 What is new in 2017?
As the new legislative year begins, here are a few pointers to what employers and employees can expect to see in the New Year as regards employment laws and laws that may impact businesses and employers in general. Firstly, pay disparity, the Gender Pay Gap Reporting regulations  that we blogged about last year, although the regulations are still in draft form the deadline for the first report is expected to be 4 April 2018 based on pay and bonus data from 2016/17.